Expert Stylist & Barber

Born into the industry, Andre is a Toronto native that is very passionate about hair and the overall customer experience. He is an award-winning stylist and barber that understands that the integrity of the hair comes first. Having worked with some of the greats in the salon and barber world, he looks forward to combining all that he has learned and brought it to you at our studio.

Loukas Sigalas

Expert Stylist & Barber

We are very proud to introduce a good friend and stylist to the shop, Mr. Loukas Sigalis. Loukas began his career 12 years ago in Athens Greece and has since flourished to become a Master Stylist. Having trained in London England under Toni and Guy, Loukas looks to bring an edgy flair on classic styles..

Expert Stylist & Barber

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Jason Traicheff portrait

Expert Stylist and Certified Master Extension Specialist

We’re excited to announce our first female employee, Melanie Hildebrand. Not only is she an addition to our passionate team of expert stylists, she’s also our certified master extension specialist with the world’s #1 growing hair brand, BELLAMI. She’s our up-do go to, long hair specialist, and she likes to pack her foils tight to achieve the perfect blonde. She not only has a passion for hair, but she loves connecting with each and every one of her clients to give them the best experience possible.

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